"Protesters Rally in Madrid Despite Ban", a good blog entry about 15-M in nytimes.com

The 15-M spanish social protesters movement,in Puerta del Sol square, has been broadcasted around the world. One of the first international newspaper that treated this subject  in a significant way was The New York Times. Exactly, Robert Mackey, in his "blogging the news" wrote the following blog entry titled "Protesters Rally Madrid despite ban". This blog entry is published in "The Lede", a famous  blog in in nytimes.com. This entry is interesiting too because it includes 3 real youtube videos that proves a really independent and professional job.

You can read this entry in 10 minutes (around 500 words). The sum of the three youtube videos is about 13 minutes, the first, in English, takes about 4:25 minutes,  the rest videos are in Spanish.

Published, 19 May 2011

Protesters Rally Madrid despite ban
thelede.blogs.nytimes.com, Blog: The Lede, Robert Mackey, 18 May 2011 Read entry

Puerta del sol, el Km 0: ciudadanos españoles, indignados, se movilizan y reaccionan
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